10 Best Philosophies of World’s Best Cartoonist: Walt Disney


Can we ever celebrate Cartoonist Day without mentioning the man who filled our childhood with amazing characters. His characters were undeniably adorable and left an irreplaceable mark in our hearts. Being the pioneer in cartoon industry, his journey was never easy nor fancy, but the destination of his journey made a difference to the lives of millions of kids around the world.

Got a dreamer in you? Read on and feed your creative soul with these gems that Walt Disney left for us!


  1. First Things First People!

As they say dreams without thought and belief do not reach their happy ending. Want to reach to the stars? Aim for the moon. Rest, you never know what the universe has n store for you!


  1. Done with dreaming? Start Doing!

Even if you have got a million dreams in store, you got to start with one at a time. Working upon them is a part of the journey, the most exciting part indeed!

  1. The Success Secret

Wondering what is the secret of all successful lives? We have got it listed for you right here!



  1. What’s the best part of you? You!

There is nothing more beautiful than precise details of your personality. Nurture them and tell the world what you got!


  1. There will always be hard times, but then c’mon!

Smooth seas do not make skillful sailors. When those hard times hit, double your trust in your dreams. Your dreams await your consistent efforts!



  1. Key to Happiness!

We have got the secret you were always chasing. The key to happiness is all yours now, it’s okay, you can thank us later!



  1. One word that can make you cross mountains- DARE!

All the challenges in the world are actually disguised opportunities. Seize the right ones and there you are, one step closer to an adventurous life!



  1. Keep that kid alive, fellas!

While the world will offer you platter full of difficulties, hear to your heart, it speaks the language of the kids. Grab a good deep laugh, give some good high-fives and watch some amazing cartoons!


  1. Absolute piece of advice!

There will be a lot of phases in every journey, but this is a piece of advise which can stand by your side at every stage. Hold on to every word fellas!

  1. Ironically, Broken bones make a man stronger!

Not all experiences in life will be pleasant, some are going to wreck you, break you, crush you to tiniest possible pieces. But you know what the good news is, if you keep fighting, you’ll come out better and stronger!


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