10 Bengali Sweet Dish Other than ‘Rosogolla’ and ‘Mishti Doi’

There are numerous things of which West Bengal is proud of. It has its rich and unique culture, age-old tradition, finer taste in literature, art and films. And above all, Bengal is widely known for its sweets. You can find different types of desserts in every state and those are unique in taste and style. But, what you get in Bengal is extraordinary. Wherever you go in the world, you will find how sweets of Bengal have its admirers around the world. Even ‘Rosogolla’ and ‘Mishti Doi’ of Bengal have got GI (Geographical Identification). No one can just snatch these two gems from us so easily! We will give them a tough fight. But, being a land of sweets, Bengal is not only confined to these two sweets. There are many other types of sweets that can make your trip to Kolkata a never forgettable experience.

What you need to know the perfect sweet destinations in Kolkata to find the best one. If you are fond of ‘Sandesh’, you have to visit ‘Nakur Chandra and Sons’ once. What you get there is the perfect meaning of ‘delicious’. There are certain types of sweets which were quite popular earlier, but not that much available presently. Still, those are made in many households and you can find them in certain particular shops. Today, we will talk about those sweets of Bengal which are a bit forgotten, but once you have it you will forget about calorie.

  1. Lobongo Lotika

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The name is so sweet, isn’t it? This is made of flour, sugar, grated coconut, nutmeg powder, khoya kheer, nuts, raisins, cardamom powder, and cloves. Fried on the outside and stuffed inside, this amazing sweet tastes great. Once you bite it, the juicy filling will fill your mouth and the crunchy outside creates a beautiful balance. You can call it the sweet pastry that is nicely folded and closed with a tip of a clove. In Bengali, clove is termed as ‘Lobongo’

  1. Baalusahi

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If you go through any period piece of literature, you will find the mention of this sweet there. This is really almost forgotten presently, available only in a few shops. In the traditional houses of Kolkata, this sweet is still prepared during any festivals, like Durgapuja. This looks like a doughnut and made of flour, khoya and lots of other ingredients. Baalusahi is fried in clarified butter and dipped in sugar syrup.

  1. Mohon Vog

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Today, this is not available in sweet shops, and people have almost forgotten about it. Still, in many households, Mohon Vog is prepared to offer Lord Krishna. But, what is made is not the actual Mohon Vog that you can find in many recipe books of the old time. Mohan Vog is kind of laddu that is made of semolina, kheer and lots of raisins and nuts. You can find the recipe on YouTube. Prepare at home and enjoy the weekend dessert.

  1. Shor Vaja

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Not only Kolkata, but the other districts of West Bengal will give you the sweetest delicacy to enjoy. You can find authentic ‘Shor Vaja’ in Krishna Nagar of Nadia District. The funny thing about this sweet is that you can find it in Kolkata also, even to your local sweet shops. But, what you get there in the name of ‘Shor Vaja’, is not the authentic one. Here, you will get a fried sweet while the original ‘Shor Vaja’ is nothing deep-fried. If you ever go to any food fare, you can find the original version from the sweetmeat seller from Krishna Nagar.

  1. Chitrakut

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No, we are not talking about the district of Madhya Pradesh. Chitrakut is a yummy sweet that is available in large sweet shops. Bengal sweets are not only delectable, but they have adorable names. This is made of semolina, flour, khoya, cottage cheese and sugar syrup and fried in clarified butter. Once you have a bite, it will melt in your mouth. This ‘mishti’ is something that is completely unknown to the non-Bengalis if they don’t have it ever.

  1. Chomchom

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This is typically a Bengali sweet that is quite popular among the Bengalis, but not available in local shops always. Chomchom looks kind of ‘Rosogolla’ if it is round in shape. But, it is different than that in shape and sugar consistency. Chomchoms are mainly cylindrical. Today, a variety of Chomchom is getting huge popularity. That is known as ‘Lord Chomchom’. Malai is spread on the Chomchoms with lots of crushed nuts.

  1. Bhapa Doi

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‘Mishti Doi’ of Bengal is famous all over the country. Bhapa Doi is a variation of ‘Mishti Doi’ where yogurt and condensed milk is blended well to prepare it. This is served with lots of almonds and pistachios. To have the best Bhapa Doi in the city, you can go to any branch of Balaram Mullick & Radha Raman Mullick. You can enjoy this sweet chilled.

  1. Komolabhog

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‘Komola’ means ‘Orange’. These orange-colored and orange-flavored sweets are the absolute delicacies of Bengal. Many people think of it as the orange-flavored rasgulla. But, this is different than that. Made of cottage cheese and orange juice, this sweet is heavier than ‘rosogolla’ and also sweeter than that.

  1. Pantua

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While talking about Bengal’s sweet, we cannot-miss ‘Pantua’ on the list. This is not ‘gulab-jamun’ at all. The authentic Bengali ‘Pantua’ is deep-friend and that’s why rich brown in color. From the outside, it is a bit hard, but once you take the bite, your mouth will be filled with the sugar syrup and the softness of the sweet.

  1. Chanar Murki

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This is another one of the traditional sweets that may not be available at your local shops. Made of cottage cheese, dipped in sugar syrup, these small devils will make you forget about your diet.

Hopefully, you get enough of Bengal’s sweets here. But, these are only a few pearls from the ocean of sweets. You may maintain a strict diet, but if you don’t taste any of these during festivals, you are missing big things in life.

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